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The efficiency of all industrial machinery depends on mechanical accuracy and reliability. This can only be achieved in an environment free from dust, dirt and other contaminants.

JECS Singapore assists customers to enhance their operations by providing professional industrial cleaning services employing advanced cleaning technologies. Established since 1978, our decades of experience have enabled us to service a myriad of industries. Some of the industries we have worked in includes shipyards, power stations, petrochemical industries, steel mills, aviation, and food and pharmaceutical establishments.

JECS Singapore is constantly researching and developing our cleaning services. We have imported key technical expertise from Japan, and have also successfully incorporated the use of Organic Acid into our cleaning processes. As part of our development, we are a pioneer in the usage of Ultrasound in industrial cleaning. To find out more about this revolutionary method that provides exceptional cleaning power against oil, wax, grease, soil, buffing compounds, flux residues, and carboneous materials, please click here.

With a firm foundation built on experience and technological advancement, JECS Singapore is your ideal companion to achieving higher growth and operational efficiency.