Tank Cleaning

To meet the growing demand, we are offering cleaning services that safeguard our prudent safety measures and technology in place. After meticulous groundwork with the provision of adequate safety training, JECS offers various tank-cleaning procedures to meet the requirement of customers from different industries.

Automated tank cleaning machines are highly-engineered to deliver maximum force. Water is propelled through 2 or 3 rotary jet nozzles that rotate the device on a dual or triple axis, creating a 360° cleaning pattern.  The dual nozzles can complete a full cycle within 25 minutes while a triple nozzle in 12 minutes.

At the end of cleaning, manual cleaning is conducted for dewatering and removal of sludge at the base course if any.  Manual Cleaning entails protocols for entry into confined spaces and the use of airline respirators, half or full face mask with the chemical resistant cartridge and protective clothing.

  • Crude Oil Tank Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Oil Coating
  • Alkaline Cleaning
  • Tank Passivation