Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning begins with research of the structure and materials of the equipment, composition, and solubility of the foreign substances and determination of the adequate cleaning method. Our extensive years of experience and superior technology are fully employed in this phase of services.

Our team comprises of certified and trained professionals‚ to verify and apply the best practices in the field of Industrial chemical cleaning. JECS determines suitable methodology by working out the type and amount of chemicals required to dissolve and remove foreign substances.  With the selection of right equipment and devices that help in minimizes the corrosion of base materials and cleaning time. This process ensures excellent cleaning results as well as to provide safe and economical services.

Service includes:

  • Power Station (Boiler System, Feed Water System, Condensers, and Water Treatment Plant)
  • Petrochemical Plants (Reactors, Butadiene System, Process & Hydraulic Piping, Packed Column, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Coolers etc.)
  • Oil Refineries (Crude Oil piping and Tank, Economizer, Feed Water System, Reactors & Towers, Heat Exchanger etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical (Passivation of Purified Water System, Sanitization of Clean Room facilities, Descaling & Passivation of Process & De-ionized Water Storage Tank, Glycol & Chilled Water System, Heat Exchangers etc.)
  • Oxygen/Gas/New Water Plant (Pre-commissioning Cleaning of Oxygen/Natural Gas/New Water system, Equipment, etc)
  • Shipbuilding (Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Hydraulic, Lube oil, Fuel Oil Piping System, Pistons, Cylinder Heads, Water Jackets, Valves, Oil Tanks, etc.)